Synopsis International Communication Consulting
Synopsis International Communication Consulting

Stress buster English courses

Creative freedom


Let yourself go!

Art courses based on expression and colour freedom. We all have something to learn in my studio we are all challenged.  At the same time learn how to let go, have fun and be creative in English. The descriptive vocabulary will give you the fine control of your communication that you have in your mother-tongue. My motto big colour, big ideas big paintings! NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!

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British gastronomy


Fascinated by "Fish and chips" and Shepherd's pie? Have you ever cooked a "Full English" breakfast? Traditional is now! As a bonus LEARN TO cook Indian Curries "a la English", a rich part of our culture and prepare traditional English celebration foods.

Following recipes, working in pairs, asking questions will all improve your command of informal English and provide you with an insight into British culture and heritage.  Courses can be 1:1 or groups and can be a fun part of a formal course.

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Small talk - social skills in English


Bonding with customers and international colleagues happens in social environments.  By taking part in hobbies like fishing, sailing golf, eating out or anything that interests you, you can master the "small talk" that will help you bridge cultural differences.  When we agree the key targets for your course, we can integrate as much of a social programme into your stay as you wish.

Small talk is important to me!