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About Synopsis International

Building cultural bridges

  Our mission is to enable Anglophone, German and French speaking companies to deliver their external and internal marketing communication, products and services successfully to international customers.  We specialise in marketing & internal communication for international organisations and individuals operating across linguistic and cultural barriers.    

Language is power

 Our vision is to empower companies with training, we help individuals and teams translate German to English and English to German to communicate their services, skills and experience in an international environment. We are driven by our own good and bad experience in high-level international jobs to give people the practical tools, support and confidence they need to embrace multi-cultural communication, avoid misunderstandings and feel confident to operate at the level they deserve.

Practical & relevant

We don´t work for you we work with you.  Our partners have over 30 years of experience working within German & European businesses and organisations just like yours.  We have upsized, downsized, cut costs, invested for growth, change-managed team managed and  project managed - all in international German French & English environments. We don't just translate german to english  but do sensitive German translation  we do practical solutions and directly implementable training.


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