Synopsis International Communication Consulting
Synopsis International Communication Consulting

What we do

Translation, Video and Voice


We interpret and adapt your communications to your target market using our extensive cross industry experience in Germany, France & the UK.  Using SKYPE and online techniques,  we can share and review so that you stay involved throughout the process and have one contact to work with - us.   Let Synopsis International communication experts advise you.  It is not just about language and words - you need to reach and appeal to local audiences in both external and internal communications.  If we cannot do the job, or you could get it cheaper, we will tell you, we are only interested in adding value to your business. That is a promise.

We are also experienced public speakers and media professionals.  We have provided translations and voice recordings for everything from training videos to cruise ship tourism.

Coaching and Troubleshooting


Each consultant has over 30 years of international business experience, we know what you are dealing with.  We use technology to be there when you need us - online, Skype, virtual classroom or face to face.

Our premium service involves an intimate and sensitive coaching role with any executive requiring 1:1 guidance and support.  For example we have clients that travel continually and need to submit reports, answer emails or provide contract outlines to head office at short notice.  You suddenly have to be on stage in the USA or Germany or France and present your case in English or German? We do this all the time for our premium clients.  We know your business, the politics, and can help you to achieve maximum performance wherever you are.

Workshops & Training NEW! Immersion in the UK!


We work with your organisation to tailor training to your goals and actual challenges. Participants bring real case studies and examples of their daily problems to each session so that knowledge is applied directly to their work.  That´s an effective and measurable use of time and training budget. A limited number of workshops will be offered in Germany each year.  Contact us for dates.

NEW!: executive total immersion courses in The UK check out the section "more" on the website!

You wont just get total immersion, we will organise work experience days and leisure activities that ensure you speak only one language when you are here - English in all its forms.