Synopsis International Communication Consulting
Synopsis International Communication Consulting

The German - English business communication specialists

Armin Lange


Every company should give their current and future customers the best service and information possible in their business communication.  Too many companies are product and not customer-driven and lack cultural awareness. To translate to another language should not stand in the way of communication between companies and staff, or companies and customers.  We translate for you. Pragmatism and core values of "customer first" and cross cultural communication drive my vision, my coaching and my training. It has been proven many times in the last centuries, It works.  In my free time I love racing "Slot Cars", and spend hours tinkering with tiny motors and polishing tires.  I would love to try golf and fishing but never seem to get round to it.  being a dad to 6 children seems to be more important. As a coach I am pragmatic to the point of blunt, I get that you need concrete actionable help and advice.  My favourite service is "trouble shooting for basket cases" that´s our 24/7 hotline for executives on the move.  Been there got the T-shirt, now I am there for you.

Studied Law Cologne University

Diploma Marketing - Cologne 

Bi-lingual: German-English

Worked for:

Showtime- Event Management Cologne, Germany

Olgivy and Mather - Marketing & Customer Service


Head of Direct Marketing Pharmacia Biotech Europe

Project Director Customer Service GASAG Berlin

Project Manager Customer Service Training Chamber of Commerce Berlin and University of East London (UeL) Business School

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Julie Taylor BSc MBA


Every company should understand that their people are the most valuable assets they have and invest in them. "Stress hits the bottom line and what to do about it" and "Women and teleworking" are just 2 of the papers I have written on the subject of mindfulness and work-life balance. Transnational and trans-international working are realities today, most of us are not trained for flexibility or "future-proofed" especially if we have reached senior management levels.  Brexit will have a profound effect on how we work as Europeans.  We need to re-invent ourselves continually and be flexible to stay in charge of our own destinies. It is important to know who you are and to stay true to your values - chore strengths and healthy operational options.  I help my clients do just that. As a mother of 6 children, 4 of which I had after 40, life has proven challenging, resilience, assertiveness and having a life plan - so "NO" that´s not OK I have other plan - part of the way forward. I am an artist at heart and in practice.  As a coach I am multi-faceted and open; I embrace my client´s uniqueness and help them combine personal and professional goals to work forward - and stay healthy. 

BSc (Hons) Portsmouth School of Pharmacy

Cranfield MBA

English, German and French fluent

Worked for

Pharmacia Biotech AB

Marks & Spencer

Lotus (IBM) Paris

Pharmacia Biotech France

German Chamber of Commerce

University of East London Business School



Synopsis International


Founded in Berlin 1996, this year we celebrate over 22 years of service to our clients across Europe.  We have exciting plans including:

- Increasing our web-based services (blended learning) which can be booked as specific sessions or on an ad-hoc as need basis

- Optimising our translation work providing localisation and copywriting for international companies, now we can offer live proof-reading using Skype for Business and Office 365. - We will expand our network in France so we can offer German - English, English to German and French to English

We now offer residential total immersion short-breaks in England on the Essex coast (near to Harwich International Port), living with our family and training during the day

- Also planned: stress-buster workshops combining business English with art, cooking and nature, gardening etc

- We are developing a Blog & Newsletter to keep you posted on our plans and provide a platform for a lively exchange with us